Online speech training software course

Online speech training software course
Successful academic study is not only about mastery of the subject for the student’s degree program, it is also about learning skills that will help the student succeed in the competitive workplace, such as speech and communication skills. Courses that support this can now be done online such as the online speech training software course provided by SpeechSchool.TV

Becoming a superior education provider requires finding ways to improve learning outcomes and add value to student learning.

While course and curriculum directives are important, it is the ability to round education with other skills that can really make a difference in the learning environment and provide students with more to offer when they graduate.

For around the cost of a couple of text books, students can be offered a choice of programs that will transform their speech and enable them to work better with staff and other students.

● International Students:

When coming from a different language background, overseas students experience difficulty in effectively communicating with tutors, teachers and fellow students. This is most evident in situations where they have to speak in groups or present to classes or tutorials.

An online SpeechSchool.TV accent course will achieve two things: First it will work to neutralise the student’s foreign accent, helping them to feel more accepted.  Second it will improve spoken English and impart clear speech, which will improve learning.

The recommended program for second language speakers of English and those wishing to gain a clear and neutral accent is the Master Speaker Program.

● Native Speaker Students:

First language speakers of English, their parents and future employers are looking for well rounded education from schools and universities.  The ability to speak and present is an extremely important area in subsequent personal or professional life.

The SpeechSchool.TV Master Speaker Program can help to achieve clearer pronunciation and speech for native speakers, while the Master Communicator Program covers advanced areas such as making the most of your voice and public speaking.