Become a better English Speaker

Learn an English Accent or Public Speaking.

Learn to speak clearly and gain the confidence you need to succeed.

How does it work?

The online training is made up of four dynamic and interactive components.

Weekly 10-15 minute TV

training show hosted by a

professional voice coach.

Downloadable exercises

based on the training

program to practice daily.

Downloadable recordings to

assist and model daily


Speech Assessment option

available any time: simply

plug in a microphone, take

the test and receive a report.

Speaking English with confidence

So you've learnt English but can you speak it clearly? In 2009 we developed an award-winning program to help students with accent reduction, overcome speech problems (eg. stuttering), make their presentations sparke and gain the confidence needed to persuade and influence - no matter their language background.

Whether learning the British accent or public speaking, join 1000s of students from 60+ countries and master spoken English!


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Master Speaker

(English Accent)

• Online TV subscription program

• International RP (Standard English)

• Suitable for learners of American & British English


• Help you speak more clearly

• Gain preferred English accent

• Neutralise existing accent

• Remove speech problems (eg. stuttering)

• Improve confidence & performance

• Focuses on 'how you say it'


• UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia

• English speech worldwide

Course details

Master Communicator

(Public Speaking)

• Online TV subscription program

• Communication techniques

• Confidence & presentation


• Reach full potential of voice

• Speak & communicate much more effectively

• Learn key communication techniques

• Improve abilities to persuade & influence

• Gain professional broadcast level presentation

• Focuses on 'what you say'


• Anyone wanting to improve impact & results

• Business organizations, marketing teams

Course details

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