How easy it is learning English slang online

Learning English Slang
When learning English you want to be able to speak the language like a local. More and more English learners are finding the secret weapon is learning English speech online.

Many people around the world learn English but not so many second language speakers can speak the language with the same zing and flair as their local tongue.  One of the reasons for this is that up until now, much English language learning has been prescriptive, focused on vocabulary and grammar.

Of course English is a living and breathing language and most native speakers don’t always use perfect grammar, adding interest and humour to their speech with a wide range of local slang and colloquial expressions.

It is this aspect of the language that is often the most time consuming to teach as it requires ongoing, personalised instruction and ideally complete immersion in an English speaking country.

A service that is helping many learners advance their grasp of native English speech faster is SpeechSchool.TV, one of the largest providers of online spoken English training.  The School offers an English Accent course which not only teaches correct pronunciation but provides ongoing and economic learning of British slang and English expressions used in the global English speaking world.

Most importantly for the student learning English as a second language, the system uses video training with an engaging presenter that allows the learner to develop confidence.  The fees are low enough that the video training sessions can be accessed, used and practiced on an ongoing basis anywhere through the worldwide web.

One student using SpeechSchool.TV, Aurelien Gasc from France, says that the SpeechSchool.TV programs have helped him in learning native English and given him the confidence he needs to converse more readily:

“I’ve been really happy working with SpeechSchool.TV because I found the course is really easy to use,” says Gasc.  “There’s a manageable amount of work each week. The main outcome of this course was that to some extent I softened my accent but the main point is I improved my confidence in English. Now when I talk to people, I don’t think I’m that French guy in their face. Now I’m as able as anyone to speak English and to be honest, that’s changed my life.”

The SpeechSchool.TV English Accent program is available from the School’s website.