SpeechSchool.TV now in more than 60 countries

Global English Speech Training
In the past the only way for many international students to benefit from full immersion English speech training has been to fly overseas to English speaking countries.

While English is the global language of business, for many international students one of the few ways to learn a clear and neutral mode of speaking English has been to travel and live in English speaking countries such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Indeed the US and Australia alone take almost 50% of the world’s international students.

However many students are now embracing a full online television and personal assessment program offered by SpeechSchool.TV.  The Master Speaker English Accent program is described as the next best thing to living and studying in an English speaking environment for students who already have a basic grasp of the language.

The award winning online program now has students from more than 60 different countries learning to speak English clearly and fluently.  Not only are the results reported to be as effective as one to one tuition with a speech teacher but the costs are very economical and students may study in their own country at a time convenient to them.

“The results I’ve seen from doing SpeechSchool.TV have been great.  My pronunciation is clearer and I have gained a deeper understanding of my own pronunciation. I am now able to communicate with others using English more fluently and am finding it more enjoyable,” says Wendy Wang from China.